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Also it has been questioned of Mr. Baguirov to provide the actual Persian when he referring to Nizamis. And his son and Nizami Ganjavi have also praised Shirvanshah while in the introduction. Mr. Baguirov has to provide verses, some thing he can't either do or won't need to do, because he does not have a understanding of Persian to defends his obscure theories. And allow us to take into account that the Persianized Arab dynasty of Shirvanshah (who drew their lineage to Sassanid kings demonstrating the Iranian ethnic identity of the world) didn't recognize Turkish, for Nizami to write down for them in Turkish! This position is just not even described by Mr.

I prompt exactly the same. Even Britannica during the article about Nizami would not mention that he was a Persian poet, but says:

So stating that he experienced almost nothing to accomplish with Azerbaijan can be not accurate, Britannica connects him with equally Persian literature and Azerbaijani tradition. My point is we can easily pick this kind of wording which can be suitable for either side and be factually exact concurrently.

This really is what comes about when you check with a pan-turkists (Well Mr. Baguirov calls his opponents many names). Their absurd logic is necessary to deny truth. By the way there is an write-up regarding how some Azarbaijani historians deleted some lines in the e book about Karabagh in another site. Not which i treatment, but I never wish to get entangled in Armenian-Azarbaijani things. Ok? I don’t treatment, I am Iranian and Iranian ethnicity.

Dear IranianPatriot -- I respect your impression and in truth it is radically different from just what the likes of Mr. Doostzadeh assert. If Nizami's website page ended up to replicate Everything you explained, then I would have possibly in no way bothered to edit the web page in any respect.

زِ چينی بِجُز چينِ اَبروُ مَخواه ندارند پِيمان مردم نِگاه سُخن راست گُفتند پيشينيان که عَهد و وَفا نيست در چينيان همه تَنگ چِشمی پَسنديده اند

It can be expressing that you are performing like a slave instead of a grasp. Once more this has almost nothing to do with Nizami's ethnicity.

The purest and many direct descendants of Medes and its country (which was also not uniform and consisted of different ethnos) are Azerbaijanis and Kurds, Talysh and Tat. Specifically the ethnic Persians (Fars) are hardly in the main line, they Keep to the abovementioned ethnos – that’s also why the Fars region is inside the south of Iran, not north. The “Persians” of the ancient historians are just like the “Persians” of these days – any one from Iran is referred to as “Persian” while in the US for example (While “Iranian” is a lot more common in other countries), regardless of what genuine ethnicity the person is.

Simply because even when there is a manuscript more mature than it, it does not routinely one hundred% refute it, due to the fact multiple manuscripts could have been extant. So that is certainly why we make use of the phrase Most likely. Although some Students dismiss it, some Students have applied terms "Possibly", "might have been","it's possible." .

But just in the event an individual needs to maintain bringing it up, I'm concerned they'd be shooting by themselves during the foot. The problem with all this –and with the topic of Nizami – is the fact that some circles, among the which are various Persian chauvinists, is they 1) deny all historical past and heritage to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani people, and a couple of) suppose that every one of Iran was 100% or maybe complete vast majority Persian or or else Iranian-populated.

Indeed I am not positive what educated particular person would translate the final two verses: Sabok roo chon bot-e-Qabchaq person bood – Gomaan oftaad khob ke-Afaaq man bood into:My Kipchak idol! My sensual fragile crop (herb, plant)! Died, like Shirin, you way too, my Afak (Appaq) In fact the phrase shirin is not really even More Info in exactly the same like because the idol of Qifchaq! It is a main falsification. You see There exists a massive change right here! Any longer we should always need Mr. Baguirov to work with the original Persian verse as Nizami Ganjavi didn't compose in Turkic or Russian! What has happened here is usually that line 2 and line five have already been mixed. While line one and line 2 which can be the entire couplet have nothing to do with bote-e- Qapchaq. As per absolutely the bulk of resources, once more on this make any difference of interpretation of this verse, if this type of false translation on the Persian was produced by the USSR scholar, then their viewpoint actually has no worth.

Furthermore, the “Albans” were being never ever an ethnos within the demanding sense – they ended up a nation, like Iranians or Azerbaijanis or Georgians or Russians – which included many other ethnic groups, in actual fact, In line with Strabo, 26 different ethnic groups, speaking distinct languages rather than comprehension one another.

17) According to Afaq there is absolutely no point out of Apaq in any of Nizami’s poetry. And I've revealed how Afaq has actually been utilised as horizon during Nizami’s click over here poetry as well as the clarification by Dr. Nafisi is almost certainly. Else Persian has “p” and Nizami Ganjavi might have employed Apaq which he didn't! Indeed he has utilised the expression Afaq 46 moments as this means horizon. So we would have to get this into consideration. Also there no illustration of a Girls getting named Afaq in historic periods and so to extrapolate Apaq from Afaq is in truth not supported by manuscripts and is predicated on a Guess that may not be verified in any method.

Don’t ask why, but it seems almost Every person that Adil is available in connection with has some kind of Global controversy, usually related with Russia:

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